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The development and series production of complex components and assemblies is our core competence for over 30 years. We work in different branches together with market and technological leaders. The quality management is deeplly rooted in our processes and reports directly to the management. We work strictly according to the „Plan-Do-Check-Act“ method and thus ensure that we act with maximum effectiveness and efficiency at all levels in our company.



A fundemental building block of our quality is the computerised networking of processes. Starting with the development, pilot production and series production, to after sales service. On this basis we recognise deviations from the target state and can react accordingly. At the same time we receive data which enables us to recognise and analyse further potentials in order to intervene accordingly.

We thus ensure optimal processes, documentation and our subsequent further development.


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The base material, i.e. the plastic raw material, is of fundamental importance for optimal production processes in serial production.

We regularly evaluate our delivered batches by appropriate measurement proceedures.




Our entire business process is in accordance to DIN EN ISO 2008 certification.

Further examinations, also external, concerning certain characteristics or criteria are welcome.



Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

According to the request and the specified scope, the quality tests are carried out by us – from the random checkup to the 100 % inspection.

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The staff and workers of raderplast are first and foremost responsible for quality. We train, qualify personnel through optimally equipped workstations in fundemental principles. We see ourselves as a team, with quality appreciation and open communication channels – with room for innovation and ideas of individuals.

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Spulenkoerper Neu Web Gro Spulenkoerper Neu Web Gro

  • Precision in the smallest detail / 6-fold form
  • Automatically entwined internal thread
  • Contact strips externally moulded and smothed
  • Thermoplastic PEEK / LCP
  • Ribbed net weight bobbin
  • PEEK incl.contct strip 0,2 g
  • LCP body inc. Insert 0,08 g
  • PEEK ribbed bobbin dimension:
    L x W x H 8 mm x 6 mm x 5,9 mm
  • LCP bobbin dimension:
    L x W x H 5,8 mm x 5,1 mm x 5,8 mm



railway technology |
GROUP thermoset

Spulenkoerper Neu Web Gro Spulenkoerper Neu Web Gro

  • Sliding contact
  • Pressed metal parts
  • Extremely durable
  • Brush guide cage – absolutely dimensionally stable
  • Fully automatic material feed
  • Thermoset BMC
  • Net weight 577 g
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 126 mm x 102 mm x 87 mm

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We also manufacture complex assemblies at our location in Radevormwald. Thermo or thermoset components are manufactured on our machines and further components delivered.

The assembly is carried out, under high quality standards, by our company’s employees.

The production of these complex assemblies is deeply integrated in our QM system. As with other components or modules , the individual steps are documented and tested. We thus ensure that we supply our customers in the usual precision.

Logistics is also integrated into all processes of quality management. With the after sales service we aim, in addion to the timely delivery, for customer satisfaction.



Raderplast Trocknung

Kunststoff-Innovationen GmbH
Feldmannshaus 4
42477 Radevormwald

Telefon: +49 2195 9178-0
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