Werkzeug für die Kunststoffproduktion mit Thermoplasten. Wir denken in Plastik - raderplast Kunststoffinnovationen GmbH


Our goal is to accompany you from the initial idea, the design drawing or the 3D model. With this comprehensive approach, we realise more benefits sustainable quality and efficiecy. Our core competency are parts or components with high demands on precision and functionality. With our R&D department in close co-operation with you, we examine the requirements and specification. These have a direct influence on the material, the design and production process as well as the tool. Our claim to success is due to optimal development, together with yourt specialists, to consider all aspects for series production.



raderplast Kunststoffinnovationen GmbH ihr Partner wenn es um Thermoplaste und Duroplaste geht


Our approach to the development of the components and assemblies is pragmatic, solution oriented and effective. Your contact person is the interface to the project team at raderplast. He takes on your reqirement and co-ordinates together with our specialists the proceedure.

The team consists of colleagues with appropriate training, many years of expertise and a focus on the best quality in mass production.

We know the materials, their charcteristics and have years of experience when it comes to realisation of complex components. Of course, we possess up-to-date CAD and development systems.

Raderplast Kunststoffinnovationen GmbH in Radevormwald - Qualitätsmanagement und Qualitätssicherung im Bereich von Kunststoffen aus Duroplast und Thermoplast

Raderplast Kunststoffinnovationen GmbH in Radevormwald - wir fertigen aus Duroplast und Thermoplast Baugruppen und Bauteile


Determining the design and properties of the component or the assembly.

Raderplast Kunststoff Innovationen GmbH - Wir sind in der Elektroninustrie, Baumaschinenindustrie und Automobilindustrie tätig.


Choice of material, tool design and process planing.

Raderplast Kunststoffinnovationen GmbH in Radevormwald - Baugruppen und Bauteile im Spritzgussverfahren und Pressverfahren.


Production of the first parts for sampling, testing, acceptance and production process.

Raderplast Kunststoffinnovationen GmbH in Radevormwald - Kunststoffe sind unsere Profession.


Production of serial parts with continuous quality control and logistics.

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